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Prostitution is the act or practice of being available for sexual services with another person in return for payment. The person who execute such activity is called a prostitute. Prostitution is one of the branches of the sex industry. Estimates place the annual revenue generated from the global prostitution industry to be over $100 billion. In most modern cultures, prostitution is either discouraged or illegal. "To prostitute" is derived from a composition of two Latin words: (preposition) pro and (verb) statuere. A literal translation therefore would be: "to expose", "to place up front". A variety of terms are used for those who engage in prostitution, some of which distinguish between different kinds, or imply a value judgment about them. Common alternatives for prostitute include escort and whore, although not all professional escorts are prostitutes. The English word whore derives from the Old English word hōra, from the Indo-European root kā meaning "desire". Use of the word...
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