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The Right Livelihood Award, established in 1980 by Jakob von Uexkull, is an award that is presented annually, in early December, to honour those "working on practical and exemplary solutions to the most urgent challenges facing the world today". An international jury, invited by the five regular Right Livelihood Award board members, decides the awards in such fields as environmental protection, human rights, sustainable development, health, education, and peace. The prize money is shared among the winners, usually numbering four, and is EUR150,000. Very often one of the four Laureates receives an Honorary Award, which means that the other three share the Prize money. The ceremonial event takes place in the Stockholm old Parliament building, usually during the first week of December. A group of Swedish Parliamentarians from different parties host the ceremony. The prize is sometimes called the Alternative Nobel Prize, and differs significantly from the Nobel Prizes in Before...
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