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The Royal College of Physicians of London is a British professional body of doctors of general medicine and its subspecialties. It was originally founded as the College of Physicians. It received the royal charter in 1518 from King Henry VIII, affirmed by Act of Parliament in 1523. It was the first medical institution in England to become a Royal College. The college has been continuously active in improving practice medicine since then, primarily though training and qualifying new physicians. The current president of the college is Sir Richard Thompson. A small group of distinguished physicians, led by the scholar and humanist Thomas Linacre, petitioned the King to be incorporated into a College similar to those found in a number of other European countries. The main functions of the College, as set down in the founding Charter, were to grant licenses to those qualified to practice and to punish unqualified practitioners and those engaging in malpractice. This included apothecaries...
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