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Title Saidpur, Rajshahi Division
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Saidpur(Syedpur)(bn:সৈয়দপুর) is a city of Nilphamari district in Rangpur Division of Bangladesh . The city becomes a very important communication hub for adjoining major district headquarters. Saidpur Airport is one of the domestic airports in Bangladesh. The Saidpur Railway Workshop, established in 1870, is the largest railway workshop in Bangladesh. Which was the major railway workshop for Assam-Bengal railway. The city of Saidpur was established around the Saidpur Railway Workshop established in 1870 by the British Colonial regime. The city has a total area of 121.68 square kilometres (47.0 sq mi) and a population of 432,209. The city of Saidpur was incorporated in 1858.The city is divided into 15 wards and 43 mahallas. The city is the commercial hub for the surrounding districts. The city centre has number of government and private banks, insurance companies, residential hotels, Chinese and Indian restaurants, fast food, sweet shops, gift shop and many more. It is one of most...
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