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A school meal is a meal (usually lunch or dinner) provided to students at a school. It is usually served at sometime around noon; however, many also serve breakfast before classes begin in the mornings. The purpose is to ensure the proper nutrition and health of children, so that they may learn more effectively. Some schools have theme days whereby food is served in a particular style. For example, the school might serve Chinese cuisine to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There may also be weekly recurring themes, such as "Taco Tuesdays", "Macaroni Mondays," or pizza at the end of the week. Canada has no national school meal program, and elementary schools are usually not equipped with kitchen facilities. Parents are generally expected to provide a packed lunch for their child to take to school, or have their child return home for the duration of the lunch period. However, some non-profit organisations dedicated to student nutrition programs do exist. Free school dinners in elementary...
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