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A Senior Registrar was a type of doctor in the United Kingdom or Ireland, but the post no longer exists. Senior Registrars (SRs) were medical (or dental) practitioners who were undertaking, or had completed, several years of higher level training in a hospital specialty or Public Health but had not yet gained a position as consultant (either by choice or because the competition was too stiff), thus differentiating them from the modern day Specialist registrars who are still completing training. Usually, but not invariably, a higher qualification such as the membership or fellowship of one of the Royal Colleges and, in the more competitive specialties, several publications in peer-reviewed journals would have been obtained at the Senior House Officer or Registrar level, a short or long time before obtaining the Senior Registrar post. As well as gaining clinical, teaching and administrative experience, SRs were expected to do research: usually clinical, but sometimes laboratory-based,...
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