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Sheryl WuDunn (simplified Chinese: 伍洁芳; traditional Chinese: 伍潔芳; pinyin: Wǔ Jiéfāng; c. November 16, 1959) is a Chinese American business executive, author, lecturer, and the first Asian American to win a Pulitzer Prize. A senior banker focusing on growth companies in technology, new media and the emerging markets, WuDunn also works with double bottom line firms, alternative energy issues, and women entrepreneurs. She has also been a private wealth adviser with Goldman Sachs and was previously a journalist and business executive for The New York Times. She is now senior managing director at Mid-Market Securities , a boutique investment banking firm in New York serving small and medium companies. At the Times, WuDunn ran coverage of global energy, global markets, foreign technology and foreign industry. She oversaw international business topics ranging from China's economic growth to technology in Japan, from oil and gas in Russia to alternative energy in Brazil. She was also anchor...
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