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Shinile (Somali: Shiniile) is one of nine Zones of the Ethiopian Somali Region. Shinile is named for its largest town, Shinile. Located at the northwestern point of the Somali Region, and stretching across the savanna north of the Amhar mountains, Shinile is bordered on the south by the Oromia Region, on the west by the Afar Region, on the north by Djibouti, and on the east by Jijiga. Part of the northwestern corner is occupied by the Yangudi Rassa National Park, which is a notable local landmark. Based on figures from the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) in 2005, Shinile has an estimated total population of 452,112, of whom 237,067 are men and 215,045 are women; 79,574 or 17.6% of its population are urban dwellers. Information is not available on the area of Shinile, so its population density can not be calculated. Its inhabitants are predominantly the Issa, Gadabuursi and Gurgura subgroups of the Somali Dir. The 1994 national census reported a total population for this Zone of 358...
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