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Skateistan is a co-educational, non-profit skateboarding school in Kabul, Afghanistan which was established in May 2007. The program offers free skateboarding classes to youth communities in Kabul through a team of dedicated international and Afghan volunteers. Skateistan is open to girls and boys of all socio-economic backgrounds between the ages of 5 and 17. 50% of the Afghan population is under age 16, 75% is under the age of 25. This age group is a community that is largely untouched by international aid programs seeking to foster civil society development. Yet Afghanistan’s youth of today will become the country’s next generation of leaders. As such, they must be a focal point in the program's long-term strategy to decrease support for the anti-government insurgency and build a viable, inclusive Afghan state. Skateistan states: "As part of our mission, Skateistan programs specifically aim to include greater numbers of young girls and urban poor children. Our aim is to increase...
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