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Sud-Kivu (Kivu-Sud, South Kivu) is a province of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Its provincial capital is Bukavu. Célestin Cibalonza Byaterana has been Governor of the province and Léon Mumate Nyamatomwa vice-governor since 24 January 2007. It borders the provinces of Nord-Kivu to the north, Maniema to the west, and Katanga to the south. To the east it borders the countries of Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. In formal DRC categorisation, the Province has one city, Bukavu, but other localities and territories include Baraka, Fizi, Kabare, Katana, Kaziba, Lemera, Mwenga, Nundu, Nyangezi, Shabunda, Uvira and Walungu. The Banyamulenge, the term historically describing the ethnic Tutsi Rwandans (Banyarwanda) concentrated on the Itombwe Plateau of the province, have been the focus of much controversy. The ambiguous political and social position of the Banyamulenge has been a point of contention in the province, leading to the Banyamulenge playing a key role in the run-up to the...
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