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A staple food is a food that can be stored for use throughout the year (or produced fresh any time of the year) and forms the basis of a traditional diet. Staple foods vary from place to place, but are typically inexpensive starchy foods of vegetable origin that are high in food energy (Calories) and carbohydrate. The staple food of a specific cuisine may commonly be served as part of every meal, and its name may be used synonymously with "food" in some contexts, such as the reference to "our daily bread" in the Lord's Prayer, and a common greeting of "Have you eaten rice?" denoting "How are you?" in certain cultures (e.g. Thai). In the past, the word "meat" included staple foods along with seasonal vegetables and fruits along with flesh to differentiate from sweets and animal feed. The most important types of "meat" were flesh and staple food. Early civilizations usually ate staple foods because they could be stored for a long period of time without decaying. Most staple foods derive...
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