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Tabora Region is one of the regions of Tanzania. Its capital is Tabora town. Tabora region is famous for its distinguishable honey and timber activities. The region is in the central-western part of the country. The area of Tabora is 76,151 km² (approximately 9% of Tanzania). A total of 34,698 km² (46%) is forest reserve, and 17,122 km² (22%) is game reserve. Most economic activity in the region is agricultural. According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of Tabora Region was 1,717,908. The regional commissioner is Abeid MwinyiMsa who has been appointed to replace the previous regional commissioner Ukiwaona Ditopile Mzuzuri. Ukiwaona Ditopile Mzuzuri was arrested in Dar Es Salaam on November 6, 2006 for allegedly shooting to death a commuter bus driver and had to resign while the trial was going on, until he died in April 2008. (Reported by Ramadhan Sizya). The new commissioner was sworn into office on 5 December 2006 in Dar es Salaam. Tabora Region comprises six...
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