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Title Thanh Hoa Province
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Thanh Hóa is a province in the North Central Coast of Vietnam. Its capital is Thanh Hóa City. The province has a well-known sea resort called Sầm Sơn, which is situated about 15 km from the provincial capital. The largest city in Thanh Hoa is Thanh Hoa city with a population of 176,000 in the city proper. The largest towns are Bim Son (pop. 53,000), Sam Son (pop. 52,000), Tho Xuan, Nga Son and But Son. Thanh Hoa province consists of 27 administrative units, including one city (Thanh Hóa), two towns (thị xã) (Sầm Sơn and Bỉm Sơn), and 24 districts (huyện): The province's name derives from Sino-Vietnamese (Hán Tự: 清化).
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