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As of 2006, The Daily Talk is an English-language news medium published daily on a blackboard on Tubman Boulevard in the center of the Liberian capital Monrovia. According to a New York Times report, it is "the most widely read report" in Monrovia, as many Monrovians lack the money or the electricity necessary for access to the conventional mass media. The founder, managing editor and sole employee of the Daily Talk is Alfred J. Sirleaf, who is reported to have founded his blackboard newspaper because of his belief that a well-informed citizenry is the key to the rebirth of Liberia after years of civil war. In post-war Liberia, Alfred Sirleaf sees access to information as the key to peace. He compiles his stories daily from newspaper reports and messages by volunteer correspondents. The Daily Talk is free to read, and is funded by occasional gifts of cash and pre-paid cellphone cards. It even has its own suggestion box for its readers and followers. Sirleaf first built his shack,...
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