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Tutsi (pronounced /ˈtuːtsi/; Tutsi pronunciation: [tūtsī]) are one of three native peoples of the nations of Rwanda and Burundi in central Africa, the other two being the Twa and the Hutu. The ideas surrounding supposed ethnic groups in Rwanda have a very long and complicated history. The definitions of "Hutu" and "Tutsi" may have changed through time and location. Social structures were not identical throughout Rwanda. There was clearly a Tutsi aristocracy that was distinguished from Tutsi commoners, and wealthy Hutu were often indistinguishable from upper class Tutsi. When the Belgian colonists conducted their censuses, they desired to classify the people throughout Rwanda-Burundi with a single classification scheme. They merely defined "Tutsi" as anyone with more than ten cows or a long nose. The "Caucasian-like" noses of some Rwandans invoked historical and racial theories to explain how some Africans acquired such noses. According to these early twentieth-century Europeans, the...
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