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Title UN Girls' Education Initiative
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The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) is an initiative launched by the United Nations in 2000 at the World Education Forum in Dakar. It aims to reduce the gender gap in schooling for girls and to give girls equal access to all levels of education. UNGEI, the EFA (Education for All) flagship for girls' education, is a partnership that embraces the United Nations system, governments, donor countries, non-governmental organizations, civil society, the private sector, and communities and families. UNGEI provides stakeholders with a platform for action and galvanizes their efforts to get girls in school. UNICEF is the lead agency and Secretariat for UNGEI. A Global Advisory Committee is composed of key partners who share in the planning, decision-making, guidance and accountability of UNGEI. UNGEI Focal Points in different regions facilitate the coordination of girls' education strategies and interventions at the country level. At the country level, UNGEI supports country...
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