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The Universal Nut Sheller (UNS; formerly called the Malian Peanut Sheller) is a simple hand-operated machine based on a Bulgarian Peanut sheller, capable of shelling 50 kilograms (110 lb) of raw, sun-dried peanuts per hour. It requires less than US$50 in materials to make, and is made of concrete poured into two simple fibreglass molds, some metal parts, one wrench and any piece of rock or wood that might serve as a hammer. It accepts a wide range of nut sizes without adjustment. If necessary, adjustment is quickly and easily done. It is estimated that one Universal Nut Sheller will serve the needs of a village of 2,000 people. The life expectancy of the machine is around 25 years. The Full Belly Project is working to establish local, sustainable businesses that manufacture and distribute appropriate technologies such as the Universal Nut Sheller. Traditional shelling in developing countries is done by hand or by some form of mortar and pestle and thus requires a lot of labor. With...
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