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Water tanks are liquid storage containers, these tanks are usually storing water for human consumption. The need for water tank systems is as old as civilized man. A water tank provides for the storage of drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other possible solutions. Chemical contact tanks of FDA and NSF polyethylene construction, allow retention time for water treatment chemicals to be in contact with product water. (black tank in foreground) Various materials are used for making a water tank: plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene), fiberglass, concrete, stone, steel (welded or bolted, carbon or stainless). Earthen ponds function as water storage and are often referred to as tanks. Materials used in the manufacture of these water tanks shown in picture: Ground water tank is made of lined carbon steel, it may receive water from a water well or from surface water allowing a...
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