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Yasuni National Park is a national park in Ecuador that lies on 9,820 km between the Napo and Curaray rivers in Napo and Pastaza provinces in Amazonian Ecuador, around 250 km from Quito. The park was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1989. It is within the claimed ancestral territory of the Huaorani indigenous people. The national park lies within the Napo moist forests ecoregion and is primarily rain forest. Yasuni National Park is arguably the most biodiverse spot on Earth. The park is at the center of a small zone where amphibian, bird, mammal, and vascular plant diversity all reach their maximum levels within the Western Hemisphere. Moreover, the park breaks world records for local-scale (less than 100 km) tree, amphibian, and bat species richness, and is one of the richest spots in the world for birds and mammals at local scales as well. However, Yasuni National Park is threatened by oil extraction and the colonization, deforestation, illegal logging, and unsustainable...
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