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Zavidovići is a town and municipality in Eastern-central Bosnia and Herzegovina, located between Doboj and Zenica on the confluence of rivers Bosna, Krivaja and Gostović. It sits in a valley surrounded by many mountains of which the largest is Klek. It is administratively part of the Zenica-Doboj Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zavidovići is a young town that was established at the end of 19 century. The town is famous for big industrial collective for refinement of wood "Krivaja" and this is why this town's nickname is "Wood town". Zavidovići is located in the basin of three rivers: Bosna, Krivaja and Gostović. The town of Zavidovići itself had 12,947 residents in 1991. In 2005, 97% of population of the municipality were ethnic Bosniaks. Others are Serbs and Croats. Zavidovići was developed by the Austrians during the Austro-Hungarian reign in Bosnia, mostly because of the wood industry. After World War II, the wood industry in Zavidovići, the company named by one...
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