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Title Zina (Arabic)
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Zina (Arabic: الزنا‎ ) in Islam is extramarital sex and premarital sex. Islamic law prescribes punishments for Muslim men and women for the act of Zina. Islamic law considers this prohibition to be for the protection of men and women and for the respect of marriage. Zina is considered one of the great sins in Islam. In addition to the punishments rendered before death, sinners are punished severely after death, unless purged of their sins by a punishment according to shari'a law. Islamic law prescribes stoning as the punishment for adultery committed by a married person, while the punishment for an unmarried adulterer is eighty lashes . The source for the punishment of an unmarried adulterer is the Quran, while the sources for the punishment of the married adulterer is found in the ahadith. Additional fulfillment of the following requirements is necessary for an execution: The Qur'an does not allow extramarital sex. Moreover, the Qur'an considers extramarital sex as one of the major...
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