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Zomba District is one of twelve districts in the Southern Region of Malawi, surrounded by the Districts of Chiradzulu, Blantyre, Mulanje, Phalombe, Machinga, Balaka and the Republic of Mozambique to the east. The total land area is 2,580 km², representing three percent of the total land area of Malawi. The District has a total population of 583,167 (2008) resulting in a population density of 230 persons per km², more than half (52.6%) of whom are 18 years or younger. The annual population growth rate over the last decade was two percent. The main ethnic groups are Mang’anja/Nyanja, Yao and Lomwe. Chinyanja is the native language spoken by most of the inhabitants, although other languages like Chiyao and Chilomwe are also spoken. The two dominant religions are Christianity (78%) and Islam (20%). The economy of Zomba District is dominated by agriculture, where individual maize production accounts for the main activity, while tobacco is cultivated as the main cash crop. Other crops...
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