KiberaTV: Carving Bones to Earn Income
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KiberaTV: Carving Bones to Earn Income
Kibera's Victorious Youth Group has devised an unconventional path to job creation and income generation. They teach youth how to carve bones, creating beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to sell at local markets.
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Reporting by Wilfred Masea. Produced by Wilfred Masea.

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There are many ways to generate income apart from official jobs. Everyone works hard to make a living, and many come up with their own businesses. As the country gives birth to new ideas, everyone is struggling harder and harder to change his or her environment. In Kibera Soweto, we came across Victorious Youth Group. This organized has transformed the lives of many youths through bone carving. George Otieno, the group coordinator and one of the first members, has been able to feed his family and provide school fees for his children through bone carving.
GEORGE OTIENO [Coordinator, Victorious Youth Group]
I have a family and they all depend on the small income I earn from this job.
As we walk around, Kenneth Ochieng, one of youth group members, took us through the bone carving process and also shared with us some of the challenges they face.
KENNETH OCHIENG [Member, Victorious Youth Group]
I am a member of the Victorious Youth Group, and our work is bones carving. We make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The only challenge we are facing now is marketing. After our job is done, sometimes is takes too long to find a market.
The group urges youth to be independent and not wait for government employment. They believe everyone can employ themselves through business ideas.
According to Kenya's Constitution, you must be at least 18 years old or above to be employed. My advice is, if you relax you will never succeed. Take a chance, and even if it doesn't work out perfectly, it may get you through life.
JACK NYAWANGA [Member, Victorious Youth Group]
This job will change the lives of the youth. The conditions of tomorrow will be different than those of today. Our vision as Victorious Youth Group is to deal with the unemployed youth in Kibera. We have many youth in Kibera who dropped out of school and are desperate without jobs. This job is good to them. We hope that in the years to come, Victorious will be a big company and able to will create job opportunities to the jobless.
Wilfred Masea, reporting for KiberaTV, Nairobi, Kenya.