KiberaTV: KDI Cleans Up Kibera
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KiberaTV: KDI Cleans Up Kibera
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Kounkey Design Initiative is a unique organization that collaborates with communities in impoverished areas to create public spaces that improve quality of life. They've teamed up with the residents in one of Kibera's poorest areas to turn a dump into a community center and daycare facility.
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Reporting by Wilfred Masea. Produced by Wilfred Masea.

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Segment 1

KDI [Kounkey Design Initiative] is an organization in Kibera that is working with the community and educating the community on how to improve their environment and also how to generate income through small projects. KDI has been undertaking different kinds of projects in the community. Chelina Odbert, the organization's CEO, has now started up a new project on sanitation. The residents of Kibera Laini Saba gathered all around to do the clean up and to build a new site for this project.
MARY NGONYO [Laina Saba Resident]
Today, us women of Kibera Mashimoni have gathered together to do the clean up. The reason for the clean up is that we want to start a new project on sanitation. As residents, we are working on this project to avoid sickness and disease.
JEAN [Business Consultant, KDI]
I'm Jean, I'm here today working with KDI. Today we're cleaning up the site. This site was a major dumping ground for a lot of people in the area, and what we're doing is we're going to build a series of projects here. We've talked to the community, we've had several meetings, and we've asked them what they wanted. They said they wanted a toilet, they said they wanted a place that they could meet, they wanted a daycare for their children, they wanted a playground. So today is the first day that we're actually working on the ground to help clean up the site and set up the foundation to build these things for the community.
Laini Saba, which is widely known as one of the non-secure villages in Kibera and is full of dumping sites, today experienced a new kind of idea.
BERNARD ASANYA [Laina Saba Resident]
Disposal of garbage everywhere and a lack of toilets is the reason for today's project. Today we've kicked off this new project so that we can build toilets and create a good site for the residents. The residents have gathered together is large numbers to support this project. We have around 150 residents who have come out for this clean up project.
My hope is that there will be a physical place where the community can meet, that they community will become closer, and that they will be able to interact with each other better and also become economically stronger.
As KDI is trying to educate the community; many are having good thoughts for tomorrow. Wilfred Masea, KiberaTV, Nairobi, Kenya.