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KiberaTV: Voice of Kibera Workshop
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KiberaTV reporter Wilfred Masea checks in on Voice of Kibera, a citizen journalism project that is working to improve the communication capacity of the community. It is an initiative of Map Kibera, using the innovative Ushahidi platform to curate and map reports.
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Reporting by Wilfred Masea. Produced by Wilfred Masea.

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Segment 1

Voice of Kibera is a community-based organization that is an initiative of Map Kibera. They recently held a workshop at Mchanganyiko Hall in Kibera Karanja. The workshop was organized to spread the word about the site and to involve the community in collecting news. Voice of Kibera is an online news collecting and information-sharing platform. The site aggregates news through people sending in short text messages and submitting online reports. An editorial board, consisting of youths from six different organizations in Kibera, approves and verifies the incoming reports. The site collaborates with other community media contributors, such as KiberaTV, to help gather news. Today was a day to attract and train more SMS reporters and also take participants through the process of news verification.
SANDE WYCLIFFE [Voice of Kibera Editorial Member]
I'm Sande Wycliffe, and I'm here to run a workshop on the Voice of Kibera. We are introducing new people to the Voice of Kibera platform. People are in favor of change and want the platform to be more prevalent in the Kibera slum. People want to see it accessible to everybody, in terms of what the platform can do for the people of Kibera. Above all, people want this information to reach the larger population of Kibera.
JAMES AGUMBA [Participant]
We came here to dialogue about the Voice of Kibera platform. This is about a new technology that focuses on resolution mechanisms as they pertain to the security level in the community, and the referral system and response mechanism in case there is any kind of incident, be it fire, sexual/gender based violence, any kind of conflict, any case that can violate any person's rights. In addition to that, if there is any type of positive story that is coming from anywhere within Kibera, then it can be reported through SMS code 3002. We have seen that when you SMS this number, it directly goes to the Voice of Kibera. They vet it, they read it, and if it is urgent, if it needs an immediate response, then they look at the possible ways in which they can respond to what's said. We have included many organizations in the site. We identify organizations on the grassroots level so that in case an opportunity arises they can refer to a particular organization that relays a direct link towards that kind of subject opportunity.
Participants also were given a platform to give feedback on what they'd want the site to do in its future programs. Wilfred Masea, KiberaTV, Nairobi, Kenya.