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ViewChange: One Good Idea
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"ViewChange: One Good Idea" presents four stories about individuals and organizations who are taking on the biggest global challenges:

India's Free Lunch  Since 2001, all Indian primary schools have provided pupils with a free midday meal. Since then, truancy rates have dropped and child health is soaring.

Project Peanut Butter  In Malawi, children with malnutrition are being given a radical new treatment that is cheap and very effective: fortified peanut butter. Best of all, mothers can administer the ready-to-use food at home, eliminating the need for hospital stays.

Banking on Change  J.S. Parthibhan is a bank manager with a difference: he's interested in people, not numbers. Through micro loans, he's helping villagers in rural areas of India develop a sense of entrepreneurship and self-respect.

Vidiyal  Village women in Tamil Nadu are using mobile phones and computer technology in innovative ways to benefit their agriculture-based businesses.

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Segment 1

Big problems versus a little inspiration...a surprisingly fair fight. See what happens in India, Malawi, or anywhere else, when you take one good idea, big or small, and run with it.