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Weathering Change: Fatima
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Fatima Said Yesuf's family lost everything in a flash flood. They now live with about 20 other families in a relocation camp of corrugated metal shacks covered with plastic tarps. She has turned to family planning keep from becoming pregnant again, so she can focus on raising the six daughters she already has.
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Produced by Population Action International.

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Segment 1

Wollo, Ethiopia
I was asleep during the rain. As you know, sleep and death are the same. We were in a deep sleep. The water came in the house and over the bed. The touch of the water woke me up. I screamed to wake up my family. The baby was under water. And my husband didn't see her because he was barely awake. We just managed to get her out of the house. It was so sudden. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Because of the flood, the kids always have nightmares. We were resettled in this camp. They gave us fifteen kilos of wheat per person. My husband works as a laborer to feed our family of eight. I'm nursing a baby so I can't get work to help support the family. There is so much work to be done at home. I cook, I prepare coffee, I bake injera, and I fetch water. There isn't a single break all day. I went to the clinic because we were sick. And there I heard them talking about family planning, about different methods. They said, "If you need family planning, come talk with us." They told us we could receive different choices like injections and pills. The first few children I had were girls. We wanted to have a boy. But we continued having girls. Six of them. I decided having more would create suffering. With more children, my life was not improving. So I have decided to make family planning my goal.