UNICEF and the Chinese government have set up 40 child-friendly centers in the area devastated by the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008. These provide safe, protective environments to help children recover from their traumas through play and creative expression. 

Leon suffered a devastating spinal injury when his house collapsed on him in during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. But thanks to the Haiti Hospital Appeal, which helps rehabilitate patients with spinal cord injuries, he is beginning to stand on his own feet again.
Capturing the game-changing power of cellular telephones to deliver financial services to the poor in earthquake ravaged Haiti, teams are building on models developed in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. This film highlights the potential of low-cost cellular technology to serve the poor.

They walk for days through the highlands of Papua New Guinea, carrying a pack full of supplies, through rivers, knee-deep mud, and mountain passes. But they're not a group of Australian tourist trekkers; they're a group of very committed PNG health workers going to see their patients. And they're being funded as part of Australia's development program in PNG.

While most industrialized nations are trying to prevent economic migrants from crossing their borders, New Zealand has quietly opened its door to thousands of seasonal guest workers from five Pacific Island nations. Not only are Kiwi businesses happy to have the extra labor, but also worker remittances go directly to where they're needed most: poor villages on islands such as Vanuatu and Tonga.