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In Vietnam, small coastal communities are planting mangrove trees to protect their land from flooding, but are discovering that the new forests are also valuable resources that create economic opportunities.

Deya and his large extended family live in a tiny village in Senegal, on the ragged edges of globalization and immigration. Questions of work and ambition arise as the family prepares for Tabaski, the biggest holiday of the year.
Faced with a lack of opportunity in their homeland, Mexican farmers Marvin Garcia Salas and Santiago Cruz have both been forced to migrate north to provide for their families. Now, thanks to several organizations that are responding to the root cause of illegal immigration by working towards sustainable development practices in rural Mexico, they are able to stay home.
Chronic hunger affects one billion people around the world on a daily basis. How are aid groups, rural farmers, and other innovators working together to feed the planet? Find out in this special from Bread for the World and
From the ruins of the World Trade Center to those of Kabul, Susan Retik and Patti Quigley embark on a journey of personal strength and international reconciliation. Through empowering Afghan widows whose lives have been ravaged by decades of war, poverty and oppression, they believe that peace can be forged one woman at a time.

Life isn't easy for Haitian migrants living in the Dominican Republic. Mostly women and mostly undocumented, they are easy targets for trafficking and exploitation, and face the constant fear of deportation. But, given a digital camera to record their stories of hope and struggle, some of the woman have begun to find a stronger voice for themselves.

When there are chores to be done during the day and it's dark in the evening, children find it difficult to learn. But Malian entrepreneur Daniele Dembele is bringing electricity to remote rural areas, so local schools can light their classrooms long into the night.

Sushma, a 24-year-old single mother of four from a remote village in Nepal, was taken to India and sold to a brothel for $250. Unlike most victims of sexual slavery, however, Sushma managed to escape her captors and return home. In this film we meet some of the women trying to staunch the flow of an estimated 12,000 young women who are trafficked across the open Indian border every year, and follow Sushma as she sets out to find the man who lured her to Kolkata. 

After a decade-long conflict, Sierra Leone has many challenges ahead including improving child and maternal health. In 2009, one in eight women died during pregnancy. Fatimata Konte, an expectant mother, fears giving birth after already losing five of her children. She hopes the new policy to bring free healthcare to all pregnant women will save her next child and make giving birth safe for all women.

The Taliban's home city of Kandahar is a volatile and dangerous place. In the midst of the ongoing conflict there, Rangina Hamidi, an Afghan-American woman, has started a business that provides local women with jobs creating embroidery. Earning their own money empowers these women, raising them out of poverty, improving their self-esteem, and enabling them to make independent financial decisions.

In post-conflict Burundi, one thing remains affordable to all: the grenade. Journalist Teddy Mazina follows the stories behind the headlines of never-ending explosive lethal attacks.

Can the world's biggest polluter become the world's biggest producer of plug-in electric cars? That's what Chinese car manufacturer BYD Auto is hoping as it launches its new F3DM model.

One billion people in the world face hunger and malnourishment on a daily basis. The international community has long sought to tackle this problem. But what if everything we thought we knew about how to erase hunger was wrong? Concern Worldwide and Valid International brought their innovative ideas and faced off against entrenched interests to change people's perceptions of this problem. The result was a sea change in how the world looks at hunger.
Being a new mom is rewarding and challenging. But what extra burdens do mothers in poor and rural communities face? Take a tour of the world's best and worst places to be a mom, in this report from Save the Children and

Unlike other African countries, where the discovery of diamonds has turned into a curse, in Botswana the nation's geological wealth has been shared for the greater good.